Kate & Co.

Our couples are just like us -

in love with each other, the little moments, & a good ol’ night in!


HI THERE! I’m Kate & he’s Ryan, and we’re one heck of a team. We’re also the husband & wife duo behind Opal & Jaye, a company based on our love of being married. 

                  • While Ryan bravely handles the books & the business, I’m lucky enough to live out my passion every day - documenting sweet, vibrant couples kicking off their lives together.  

                  • I’m a heart-on-her-sleeve kind of gal who genuinely feels it’s incredibly important to get to know all about YOU.  By the time your wedding rolls around, I’ll know the name of your dog, your favorite TV binge, and just how to handle your wacky Aunt Wanda.  I’ll cry over your vows before dancing the night away with you, camera in tow. I’ll fix your train; I’ll capture your moments. And I’ll never stop smiling.

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Kate loves...

grammar - sushi - The Smiths - Game of Thrones - decorating - redecorating - her dog, Charlotte - vintage shopping - The Office - Palm Springs, CA - Bridesmaids (the movie!) - bold colors - Wes Anderson - making things - meeting couples - iced coffee - collaborating - Ryan

Ryan loves...

90s hip-hop - Top Chef - Ancient History - On the Waterfront - his cat, Miles - Stand-Up Comedy Specials - being married - French fries - Morrissey - La Croix - Portland, ME - The Godfather Part II - staying in - Pat’s cheesesteaks - the stock market - baseball games - Kate


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My late grandmother Jaye is someone I hold very near and dear to my heart, so it seemed only fitting to name a company founded on love after her. I always said she spoiled me with culture instead of cookies, teaching me how to play chess at age 7 and often whisking me off to the latest Papermill Playhouse production. She also gave me my first camera - a white Vivitar - in October of 1992.

Jaye simply embodied the celebration of life, and she believed the small and genuine moments were the most important.  She was right.

After she passed, I found myself left with only memories of her – memories and photos.  I paired my need for nostalgia with my desires to document and create, and just like that, Opal & Jaye Photography was born.

Fun Fact:

Jaye sang on the radio and modeled in her teens! How gorgeous was she?