jersey shore wedding - stephanie + nicole

a bright, bold, + fun winter wedding

If you're a fan of binge-rewatching How I Met Your Mother like I am, you're well aware of Lily & Marshall's "olive theory." The concept is simple: In every successful marriage, one partner will despise olives and the other will like them. It sounds silly, but it holds water. Think about it this way - marriage is its own delicate microcosm; it's a living, breathing entity that ebbs, flows, and grows. It's give and take, much like the balance of ecosystems or Social Darwinism. Okay, okay... I'm straying pretty far from the romance of it all, but that's just it. The best, strongest, and most exciting romances emerge not by finding someone to match you, but to complement you.

To eat your olives.

When I first met Stephanie & Nicole, I immediately loved them. Stephanie is a living ray of sunshine, an adorably kind, sweet person. Nicole is her perfect counterpart - a hilariously drole, whip-smart woman who's as fun to be around as her wife. The two are perfection personified - as was their bold, bright, and endlessly fun March wedding day.

After the two met in high school band, they became fast friends before falling in love. Their roots are deep and strong, and their love for each other is matched only by the love their friends and family have for them. Also, Stephanie posts a hilarious video of Nicole unenthusiastically playing the slapstick in a high school band concert every year. And their proposal included chicken nuggets. And they did a shot of tequila at the altar right after being pronouced "wife & wife."

The point is this - when you find your person, you know. And Stephanie & Nicole - we all know it, too.

Cheers (and shots) to your happily ever after!


venue: atlantic ballroom - toms river, nj /// photography: opal & jaye photography /// second shooter: kiera mckee /// hair & makeup: september's salon /// cake: chocolate carousel /// flowers: skip's florist